Support your friend’s dreams. If they fail, you still supported them. If they succeed, you always believed in them. Otherwise, even when they succeed, it won’t feel like a victory that can be shared with you. And if they fail, they’ll feel like they disappointed you most. Support dreams, because there’s already so little passion in the world and so few of us go for the life we always wanted.

— J

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it’s been a long time since i’ve received some encouragement genuinely. 
and, i’m sure others have given me genuine encouragement here and there but i suppose my stubborn thick heart and mind wouldn’t accept them; until now.

maybe, maybe this really could work out. but, not on my own strength.  

God thank You.

this is awesome. finished what would have been 5am tomorrow, 5pm today. may these be the words of a fool used by a powerful God for His own good.

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Sermon Recap:

Genesis 45:1-15

  1. No sin, mistake, and/or evil is able to prevent us from the reception of God’s love. (v3)

  2. God is not cruel or the source of evil. His sovereignty is so encompassing that it even transforms evil to be used towards good. (Genesis 45:5-8)  

  3. Reconciliation is an art form of honest recollection between two hurt people’s intertwined past. (v15)

  4. Theology is personal; not a thoughtless tool of arrogance used to comfort those who are in the midst of pain and suffering.
    Love > Lecture (Genesis 50:20)


  1. God we thank You for your faithfulness and love for us

  2. Jesus we ask that our hearts may treasure You

  3. Holy Spirit please enable us to see the Father personally  

  4. Immanuel would be an example of true Biblical Fellowship


Exodus 1:5-7

Scripture Reading:

Exodus 1:8-2:10


  1. God Has a Plan (Genesis 15:13)

  • God can use the momentum of evil for His own good. (v11 - 12)
  1. God Remembers the Forgotten (1 Corinthians 1:27)

  • We fear the things of this world because we do not have an adequate fear of God. (v17)

  • God can take our dead hopes and make them come alive. (v21)

the chicago dream is over. awake to reality. return to life. God im back.

If they are wrong they need your prayers all the more; and if they are your enemies, then you are under orders to pray for them. — C.S. Lewis (via jspark3000)
Now there is a final reason I think that Jesus says, “Love your enemies.” It is this: that love has within it a redemptive power. And there is a power there that eventually transforms individuals. Just keep being friendly to that person. Just keep loving them, and they can’t stand it too long. Oh, they react in many ways in the beginning. They react with guilt feelings, and sometimes they’ll hate you a little more at that transition period, but just keep loving them. And by the power of your love they will break down under the load. That’s love, you see. It is redemptive, and this is why Jesus says love. There’s something about love that builds up and is creative. There is something about hate that tears down and is destructive. So love your enemies. Martin Luther King Jr., A Knock at Midnight: Inspiration from the Great Sermons of Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. (via hislivingpoetry)

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choiboi619 asked: what are your thoughts when things like marc driscoll and mars hill church being kicked out of Acts29 happens? is it really "biblical" in their argument for why Acts29 kicked Mars Hill and Marc Driscoll out of their organization?


Hey my friend, I wrote about some of that here.

In contrast to everything that’s been happening the last few weeks, I don’t know if some Christianese drama in a small Westernized section of church-subculture is worth more words.  I don’t mean to diminish the very real pain that was afflicted on former members of Mars Hill.  But I mean, transplanting that church to a third world country would probably shape them up real fast.  I do hope that Pastor Mark will repent and be restored, even if that means he steps down or never does ministry again.  But mainly I’m very weary of the celebrity culture that has so entrenched our churches, and it’s symptomatic of a much larger issue in this part of the world.  Let’s pray for a heart of love and for changed lives to emerge at the end of all this.

— J.S.

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Before I forget… -
1. No sin, mistake, and/or evil is able to prevent us from the reception of God’s love.
2. God is not cruel or the source of evil. His sovereignty is so encompassing that it even transforms evil to be used towards good.
3. Theology is personal; not a thoughtless tool of arrogance used to comfort those who are in the midst of pain and suffering. Love > Lecture
4. Reconciliation is an artform of honest recollection between two hurt people’s intertwined past.



Fun Psychology facts here!

Do we need psychology to tell us this? -.-#butHestillLovesusanyway


Fun Psychology facts here!

Do we need psychology to tell us this? -.-



"There was a brilliant post today on Dave Orrison’s blog Grace for my Heart that defined the difference between a narcissistic apology and a real apology. The center of the narcissistic apology is the offender saying “I am hurting because of this.” The real apology sees the victim in the center and says, “You are hurting because of this.”  The difference – and a critical one – is empathy.  As my wife so insightfully noted, “a narcissistic apology is when the apology itself is actually abusive.”  It’s extremely manipulative."

it’s been a while tumblr. 
and when I say “tumblr,” what i really mean is “God.”

no, not that tumblr is my god, but that this heart of mine has lost it’s intense longing to seek after Him. and the scariest thing is that it took this long to even notice that it has left. 

i really want You back again, not in my head anymore; but my heart. 
when i preach tomorrow, it’s not going to be about lessons anymore. it’s going to be about life and death. You and me. God, of the redeemed.

About Mark Driscoll and Idolizing Celebrity Pastors




It appears Mark Driscoll keeps getting in the news for (mostly true) accusations of plagiarism, misogyny, sneaky use of funds, and being an overall poopy-face who needs a good spanking from John Piper.

Usually with these kinds of public lightning rod meltdowns, the followers emphasize all the great things their leader has done, while the bashers keep bringing up the terrible awful stuff — and so you have one side that’s blind to the obvious flaws, and the other side blind to obvious grace.

Yet the one thing I don’t understand is how Mark Driscoll’s church members get labeled “idolaters” or that they’re “idolizing” him.  Because all this online bashing of Driscoll and blasting other flawed celebrity pastors already points to a problem of idolatry and pedestal-platforms, whether it’s positive or negative, and anti-idolatry is still idolatry. 

There is zero difference between either the blindness of fanboy-ism or the blindness of tacky tabloid cheap shots.

This obsessive fascination with Driscoll’s personal shortcomings, whether you’re attacking him or defending him, points to a pre-existing issue with our encroaching celebrity culture.  The second you jump a Driscoll-defender for protecting him, you yourself have elevated Driscoll to the poster-boy for everything that’s wrong with Christianity, which means you’re legitimizing his pedestal from the other side of the fence.  Just think of how crazy this is.  It’s completely nuts that we’re even able to know about some random pastor in Seattle who messed up a few times and we have a voice to share our opinion. 

I can’t be the only one who thinks we’ve done a terrible job of speaking about this with any kind of thoughtful, productive discussion.

I just wonder what Pastor Mark is going through right now.  He has five kids and a wife.  He’s a fellow brother in Christ, no matter how much we disagree with him.  He’s in a position that no one could ever possibly understand.  His ministry will be tainted forever.  He’s been looking half-dead.  He tried to fess up and apologize, but both the church and the outside world ate him alive.  I wish I could just label him and be done with it: but I can’t.  I can’t so casually dismiss a father and a husband and a fellow pastor with a black-and-white judgment.


I’m not defending his actions.  I’m not saying plagiarism and misogyny are okay (and if you even thought I was endorsing them, then that’s part of the problem of our presumptuous blogosphere).  I just believe that if we think Driscoll is this bad, then this ought to drive us to our knees to pray for him.  It ought to move us to grief and grace, by both acknowledging his wrong and rooting for his restoration. It ought to bring us to question ourselves:

Why do we place such a spotlight on big-name pastors with big churches and big platforms?  Why am I adding this one more voice to a sea of mad voices?  How can I contribute constructively to a dying church culture that needs grace more than ever?

At times I think we’re so intoxicated with the romantic idea of grace that we forget it actually takes a real grit to hang in there with a messed-up brother, and it’s not only for the pretty people worthy of our social redemption.

If you criticize but do nothing, you sort of revoke your own right to criticize.  Anyone can blog from a basement; the true fighter brings love to the trenches.  While we’re all having arguments online to questions that no one is asking: there’s a real world dying out there who needs the hands and feet of Christ.

I could type angry on a keyboard and preach to a blogging choir.  Many bloggers build their fanbase this way.  It’s easy to jump a hater-bandwagon, even if your motives are right.  It’s easy to find something wrong with everything.  But until we are offering a way forward with our sleeves rolled up and our minds full of Christ-driven truth, then we’re only adding to the darkness of a directionless world.  We would only be tightening the strangle-hold of our strange celebrity voyeurism instead of remembering that people are just people, and anyone can lift them up or tear them down, but it takes a special heart to get in there side-by-side in the dirt.  I have failed so often at this too, and I only hope I can examine myself before I throw down the gauntlet on anyone else.  I would hope you do the same for me.  And maybe then we can turn this all around.

— J.S.


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